Get to Know The Author

Craig M. Porter Rollins

Craig grew up in Morgantown, KY., and considers much of his youth spent attempting to be like Tom Sawyer. He was often found fishing, hunting and running wild in the hills of southwest Kentucky, shoes optional of course.  When not working or speaking, he now spends free time working on entrepreneurial endeavors and exploring lonesome byways on his Harley.  

In addition to being a happily former CEO and taking up full time residency in Hawaii, He enjoys the creative outlet of writing and speaking nationally about his endeavors and his books. His love for learning keeps him very involved in fostering and promoting education. Craig continues to support educational programs and leadership scholarships. 

 You can follow Me on Twitter and Instagram through the links below.  For questions or comments my email link is provided.

Meet Our Illustrators

Rufus ZaeJoDaeus

Rufus has been drawing all his life, PABLO is his first illustrated childrens book.  While in high school he discovered a love for the stage and trained in the mysterious arts of balloon twisting for events.  

After graduation from Utah State University with a degree in Design for Theatre, Rufus began his career as a professional artist and illustrator. When he didn’t draw, Rufus twisted balloons and picked up jobs drawing caricatures.  That is how Rufus met the author Craig M. Porter Rollins, and their teamwork resulted in telling Pablo’s story.  

Like Pablo, Rufus has grown into his talents with inspiration and guidance of others, and he hopes this first, as a children's book illustrator will inspire other young artists to grow into their own creative potential.

Carolyn Davidson

Every artist has experiences in their lives that direct their work.  My first was seeing the color chart at the front of the room in elementary school.  Just the smell of crayons floods my mind with those beautiful colors. 

My next fork in the road was trying to draw the horses that I loved to ride.  I don't remember when I started to ride.  It was just natural as I grew  up on a ranch in northern Utah.  And that led me to wildlife drawings and my favorite Western landscapes.

My next challenge was to draw and paint people -- recognizable people.  It has been truly rewarding these many years to combine my love of people, animals, and places on paper and canvas.

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