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HomeTown Library Partnership

I grew up in a very rural part of southwestern Kentucky, Morgantown, Butler Co., to be precise. What little industry we had was built around agriculture, textiles and coal. When the coal was gone and textiles starting being moved overseas our community struggled. So our opportunities became very limited unless you were willing to move away.

This also put an emphasis on education as that was considered, by my family and many others, of paramount importance. My earliest memories were stories shared about my ancestors and later books about the outside world it became a matter of priority to bring more of the outside world to my rural home.

You can imagine how excited the local elementary school and public library was to get copies of an award winning book written by a local boy. It is one more step to showing that any dream can be accomplished regardless of where you grew up or what your circumstances may be. Reading and education have always been important to me and I’m thrilled to have been able to donate this story to them. So that others, just like me, growing up in the same community, can see what is possible!



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